Dear Family Law Attorney

Dear Family Law Attorney;

I am writing to you to address a need I have found to be of great importance in cases you handle with regard to your divorce cases.

It’s no secret the divorce process is without a doubt one of the most stressful events in life. However if you add the stress of selling a house on top of that, then the level of frustration between home owners can in some cases become dangerous.
As you know the amount of compassion, diplomacy, knowledge and experience in these circumstances is so important.
Finding the right realtor who is able to address the above can make all the difference for you the attorney when it comes to feeling confident about the ethics, professionalism and experience.

For nearly 13 years I hosted television show in the beach cities called “Beach Beat” where on many occasions I interviewed attorneys and public officials about the danger of households that were on the edge. I was able to do this with a unique background. After an equal amount of years as a member of the Manhattan Beach Police Departments Victims Team I was able to address these issues personally, in that I handled many cases that involved domestic violence and family discord.

I became very experienced in handling these types of situations in that they are ongoing and have different dynamics from day-to-day. In fact I have appeared before “the bench” on many occasions in support of a victim as a representative of the Police Department. I have a great of knowledge about court procedures. In fact for over 20 years I owned an Attorney service that filed well over 10,000 civil cases.

As a realtor for over 10 years I have had a great deal of success that has allowed me the opportunity to train other agents.

I would love to take you to lunch soon, so we can personally address any concerns or issues you consider paramount when it comes to referring your clients to a realtor who can handle and work with you closely in one of the most sensitive practices any attorney can face.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter as I look forward to meeting you.


Stewart L. Fournier

Agent for Fournier & Fournier

(310) 968-1730

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